I am a hypochondriac with a lot of free time and unlimited internet. Also, I had a rather enjoyable stint as a health & wellness writer.

Most of what you read here is a collection of observations of someone who is perpetually paranoid about her health. If you know me and know me well, we may have had conversations about the “odd” shape of my nail or a “suspicious” black spot on my neck, which I am convinced is cancer. If we haven’t, I am sure we will. 

Welp! My hypochondria notwithstanding, I did have had a few brushes with genuine health issues. So this is my journey grappling through the world of wellness in a bid to understand my body and spirit better. 

I’m not a doctor. So don’t substitute anything I write here for medical advice. I can’t afford a lawyer. Please don’t sue. 


Sandhya Raghavan