Did you already have COVID-19?

Did you already have covid Did you already have corona and not know? (Image: Canva)

Admit it. You’ve thought about it. “Did I have corona and not know about it?” By now, all those who were seemingly untouched by  COVID-19 have wondered if they were already infected at some point.  A new study published in the Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology lists the symptoms commonly seen in  412 patients who have had covid. These were mostly neurological changes. Can Mouthwash, Baby Shampoo kill COVID-19?

Your muscles are aching

In 44.8% of the people studied, muscle pain or myalgia was a common symptom. Usually, muscle ache is common in people who have recovered from viral infections like COVID-19. The pain may last longer and not reduce consuming pain killers. 

Your head has been aching

Splitting headache is another symptom left behind by a COVID-19 infection. It’s seen in 37.7% of the people studied. Headaches can often be the first sign of the infection. Another study pointed out that these aches were bilateral (felt in both left and right sides of the head), long-lasting and resistant to painkillers. Men are most likely to experience it. ‘Do NOT wear N95’: CDC just schooled us on how to wear a mask  

You have been experiencing confusion

Of the 412 people studied, 31.8% have had encephalopathy or brain dysfunctions like confusion, delirium or altered consciousness. However, every episode of confusion doesn’t warrant a trip to the GP.

You are feeling dizzy

Researchers noted dizziness or a loss of balance in 29.7% of the cases. “I got COVID back in March and the only symptoms I had really was the loss of smell for a few weeks. At the start of September, I suddenly got quite intense vertigo for about 2 weeks (I have never had vertigo before). I have just had it again for about 4 days but less intense,” said a Redditor.

You can’t taste anything

Loss of taste (Image: Canva)

Most COVID-19 patients report losing their sense of taste in a condition known as dysgeusia. The study found that 15.9% of the people studied couldn’t sense what they were tasting.

You can’t smell anything

By now, everyone knows that losing the sense of smell or anosmia can be a sign of COVID-19. According to Vanderbilt University, viral inflammation inside the nasal cavity can cause a loss of the neurons responsible for the sense of smell. 11.4% of the recovered patients had anosmia as a lasting symptom.